Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fedora Foundation might depart with Fedora project. Redhat will soon stop the Fedora foundation.

Here is the announcement made from the mailing list.

Fedora Announcement

As a long time Redhat user from version 8 to Fedora 3 currently (Fedora 5 just came out), I think Fedora has moved too fast. However, the issue is not here, it sits on the problem of legal matters.

At first I was impressed by Redhat to take partnership with Fedora project after they discontinued Redhat 9. I like the idea of keeping the Redhat product tradition of putting everything together and ship it to desktop user. It eases a lot of installation issue.

I like Fedora, I hope without Fedora foundation, Fedora project will continue to grow to help the Linux desktop community.

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