Thursday, April 20, 2006

NBA Playoffs 2006

NBA Playoff will start this Saturday.

16 teams will try to get this year's NBA championship trophy. It is highly likely that Piston and Spurs will be meeting each other to fight for this trophy.

Besides Spurs and Piston, other teams who are hopeful to get this trophy is worth of mentioning about their name.

Suns: Despite of losing their best interior player, Stoudemire, they were able to shoot down other teams by their sizzling 3-pointers.

Bulls: Late season run made them to become a playoff team. Kirk Hinrich will become one of the famous point guards in the NBA history.

Wizard: A team packed with athletic players. Jamison and Butler are nice teammate to be with for Areana.

Clippers: A truely amazing season for them. Cassell is credited to turn the losing culture in the Clippers to a playoff contender.

Mavs: A team full of unorthdox players. A center who shoots 3 pointers, undrafted forwards, and an unheard of point guard buzz around the league.

Kings: The changed of team philosophy in the mid season made them better. A dangerous team in the eighth spot.

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