Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2006 NBA Champion Miami Heats

Congratulation to Miami Heats to their first NBA championship.

The most talk about topic about the finals was referee.

Many felt that the referee did not do a good job. Sure, they missed some calls and made some mistake, but they had been professional. They did not back down even though there were so much pressure on them and they were able to keep the game under control.

We might able to see the replay on TV to check if there is a foul or not, but the referees cannot stop the game and watch the replay. Their decision had to be made within a blink of the eyes. NBA players move so fast that it is hard to make every call correct even though you are a professional referee. So, hat off for the referees.

Congratulation to Olonzon Mourning, he deserves to win a championship trophy and a ring.

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